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Standby "series" (Selected), 2008
Hani Zurob Standby sketch   Hani Zurob Standby 0


“Standby” is a term that may cross the minds of a few people quickly, or if worse comes to the worst, for the unluckiest, “Standby” may represent just a few hours of “transit” or “an outstanding situation” in some airport or another; actually, in my personal situation, “Standby” goes beyond the simple geographical or linguistic criteria to refer explicitly to the whole Palestinian people who have been placed under such a situation for nearly sixty years now, i.e. since 1948, with a focus on figures because a large number of people mean to associate that with the creation of the State of “Israel”!!!

Hani Zurob, May, 2008


"Ainsi de Standby 60. Juxtaposées les unes à côté des autres, six toiles présentent la silhouette d’un homme assis, à genoux, recroquevillé ou tête baissée, sur fond de grands coups de pinceau et d’empâtements de matière brune, noire ou pourpre. Mieux qu’une simple représentation, qui réduit le réel au pensable en même temps qu’elle le désigne, la violence des traces de couleur, conjuguée à la prostration du personnage, donne à sentir l’impensable, à savoir le désespoir et la colère".

Sarah Ilher-Meyer, Publié dans Zéro2, 2009


"Les artistes dévoilent une histoire inachevée, figurée par les tableaux d'Hani Zurob et ses hommes assis, peints au goudron mêlé de henné, qui semblent retarder la mort".

Romain Blondeau, Le Monde, 04 August 2009

Hani Zurob Standby 01
Hani Zurob Standby 02
Hani Zurob Standby 03
Hani Zurob Standby 04
Hani Zurob Standby 05
Hani Zurob Standby 06
Hani Zurob Standby 07
Hani Zurob Standby Installation-l'Institute du monde arabe Paris 2009

" The young artist from Gaza Hani Zurob contributes a lot of the pent-up energy one feels among young Palestinians with his seven fairly large ‘Standby’ paintings. They vaguely portray male figures who seem to be stuck in their motions, ‘in standby’, waiting for someone to free them from the canvas, and filling it with their dark thoughts and frustrated gestures in the meanwhile. The seven paintings have different hues and the manner in which they have been hung side by side works very well."

Robert Kluijver, July 2009

Hani Zurob Standby 08   Hani Zurob Standby 09
              Standby Instalation 2 Gallary Crous Beaux-Arts Paris 2008
Hani Zurob Standby 10   Hani Zurob Standby 11   Hani Zurob Standby 12   Hani Zurob Standby 13   Hani Zurob Standby 14
Hani Zurob Standby 15   Hani Zurob Standby 16   Hani Zurob Standby 17   Hani Zurob Standby 18   Hani Zurob Standby 19
Hani Zurob Standby 20