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M  O  N  O  G  R  A  P  H
Hani Zurob Monograph Between Exits: Paintings By Hani Zurob, Black Dog Publishing London UK 20122012
Between Exits
Paintings by Hani Zurob

Kamal Boullata
Introduction: Jean Fisher
ISBN-13: 978 1 907317 91 0
Publication date: November 2012, Black Dog Publishing London UK

Between Exits is the first monograph to trace the artistic trajectory of Palestinian artist Hani Zurob, from his initial paintings produced in Palestine, through to his most recent works, developed during the artist's exile in France.

Between Exits is organised chronologically to offer the reader a comprehensive insight into Zurob’s key paintings and series of the past two decades. Painter and writer Kamal Boullata takes the reader through Zurob’s art and carefully reveals how each body of work, created in changing periods of the artist’s life, reflects evolving approaches to the understanding of self as well as strategies of collective belonging which the artist’s work constantly probes. The conflicted Palestinian identity is mediated and questioned recurringly throughout Zurob’s works and Between Exits thus addresses the notion of movement and displacement that are central to the Palestinian everyday reality.

Hani Zurob’s practice provides an important voice in contemporary Palestinian culture, as well as a significant contribution to the creation of an Arab aesthetic. Ultimately though, while Zurob’s art gives powerful expression to the Palestinian collective experience, it can also be seen in the context of more universal themes of personal identity and embraces humanity beyond the Palestinian context.

Kamal Boullata is a Palestinian artist and art historian. Born in Jerusalem in 1942, Boullata studied at the Fine Arts Academy in Rome and at the Corcoran Gallery School of Art in Washington, D.C. Presently, Boullata, whose work has been exhibited throughout Europe, the United States and the Middle East, lives and works in Southern France.

Jean Fisher currently teaches at the Royal College of Art, London and is Professor of Fine Art and Transcultural Studies at Middlesex University. She is the former editor of the international quarterly Third Text, and the editor of the anthologies Global Visions: Towards a New Internationalism in the Visual Arts, Reverberations: Tactics of Resistance, Forms of Agency and Over Here: International Perspectives on Art and Culture.

The Art Book Review
Between Exits Paintings by Hani Zurob, The Art Book Review, Review By Richard M. Sanchez
Between Exits: Paintings By Hani Zurob
By Richard M. Sanchez, October 21, 2013
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The Electronic Intifada
Hani Zurob: an abstract painter rooted in Palestine’s reality
By Sarah Irving, 17 June 2013
"A Palestinian painter from Gaza, Hani Zurob may have only been practicing as a fine artist since the late 1990s, but he already has an enviable list of solo shows — twelve, spread between Qatar, France, Palestine and Morocco — and joint exhibitions. The latter have included shows in venues as prestigious as L’Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris, the national museums of Bahrain and Syria, and the Henry Moore Institute in the UK. And in January, he was listed as one of The Huffington Post’s “10 international artists to watch in 2013.”

Zurob’s reputation and profile will be further enhanced by the publication of Between Exits, a monograph on his life and work. Despite his comparative youth (he is just 37), this collection of images, alongside a wide-ranging text by Kamal Boullata (probably best known for his monumental book Palestinian Art: From 1850 to the Present), shows just how versatile and energetic an artist Zurob is

Boullata’s text does not pull any punches in asserting Zurob’s place as an artist whose work deserves attention not because of his national origin or life story, but because of its artistic quality. The preface opens with this challenge: “In a homeland enduring over 40 years of military occupation, where art is saturated with nationalist clichés and tired iconographic images, how does a young and ambitious talent like Hani Zurob break away from the binds of the local mainstream to explore his own originality in painting?”
The Daily Star, Lebanon
Biography and art criticism reconciled
By India Stoughton, April 12, 2013
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Hani Zurob The Huffinfton Post 10 International Artists To Watch In 2013
The Huffington Post
10 International Artists To Watch In 2013
By Katherine Brooks, The Huffington Post, Jan 2, 2013
The new year has officially begun, dear readers, which means it's time to discard your inhibitions and prepare yourself for what the next 12 months of emerging art has to offer.
Since we've already given you our guide to the 25 art exhibits we can't wait to see in 2013, we know you have at least a few creative events to watch out for this year. Now we think it only fair to give you a taste of international artists on the horizon as well. We narrowed the list down to 10 international sculptors, painters, sketchers and filmmakers who have piqued our interest in 2013.
WHO: Hani Zurob, a Palestinian exile working in Paris whose abstract and figurative works straddle the line between Paul Gauguin and Lucien Freud. Favorite concepts for the artist include identity, collective belonging and movement, and he often incorporates images of his son within his work.
WHY: Though he has only been working as an artist since the early 2000s, he is the subject of a recently released book titled "Between Exits: Paintings by Hani Zarub." We are excited to see what the artist has in store for 2013.
huffington post logo 2
Hani Zurob's 'Between Exits' Shows Palestine From An Exile's Point Of View (PHOTOS)
By Katherine Brooks, The Huffington Post, December 18, 2012
"A recently released book titled "Between Exits: Paintings by Hani Zurob" traces the path of the artist's career, covering his creative period in Palestine through to his development as an exiled artist in Europe. Organized chronologically, the volume offers a glimpse into the work of a contemporary Palestinian artist whose understanding of identity and collective belonging has changed throughout his cross-continental journey."
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Harper's Bazaar Art
Harper's Bazaar Art, BOOK: Between Exits, Paintings By Hani Zurob
BOOK: Between Exits, Paintings By Hani Zurob
By Olivia Snaije, Harper's Bazaar Art Magazine ISSUE 4, Autumn 2012
مجلة الآخر- العدد 1 / Alakhar Magazine
عين الآخر وصورة الذات
حول لوحة من أعمال هاني زعرب
كمال بلاطة
مجلة الآخر
العدد الأول، صيف ٢٠١١
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